Schoeny Quest Engine

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Schoeny Quest Engine is an engine which makes it easy for you to implement any sort of quest for your game in GameMaker:Studio 2. Quests can also include rewards.

– Easy to implement

– Completely script-based

4 types of quests you can implement:

– Item: Check whether a certain number of items have been collected

– Boolean: Checks whether a variable has been set to true

– Tracker: Check whether a certain number has been reached

– Parent: Add other quests to a parent quest


Each quest is given a unique ID number. Store this in a variable if you want to keep track of a certain quest.

Scripts to know

Setting up

Before anything can be done with quests, you need to initialize the engine with
You will also want an object that will run the following every step, or whenever most convenient.

Creating a quest

Below are examples of quests that can be created:
var quest_item = quest_add_item("Find Coconuts", items.COCONUT, 25, "Find 25 coconuts for the old lady.", -1);
var quest_tracker = quest_add_item("Kill Some Skellies", 5, "Kill 5 skeletons.", -1);

quest_add_boolean("Help Joey", "Help little Joey find his lost mouse.", -1, mainQuests.HELP_JOEY, -1, true);
If you don’t want to give a reward for completing a quest, simply put -1 for that argument, as seen above.

Creating a parent quest

Below is an example of how to make a parent quest. Simply create the parent quest, create the subquests, and then add each subquest to the parent quest.
var parent = quest_add_parent();
var subquest1 = quest_add_boolean("Help Joey", "Help little Joey find his lost mouse.", -1, -1, parent);
var subquest2 = quest_add_boolean("Guide Joey", "Help little Joey get back home before dark.", -1, -1, parent);

quest_add_parent_add(subquest1, parent);
quest_add_parent_add(subquest2, parent);


In order to implement rewards, a few steps must be taken:

  1. In quest_setup(), add any desired rewards types to the rewardTypes enum.
  2. In quest_reward_give(), add your code for how each reward type will be given.

Your custom rewards can now be used in quests!

Creating a reward

A reward is made up of 2 different variables: its type and its data.

The data variable could potentially hold anything, from an integer to an array, so long as quest_reward_give() is able to handle that data properly according to the reward type.

Below is an example of how to create a reward which increases the game score by 200 points.

var reward = quest_reward_create(rewardTypes.SCORE, 200);

Multiple rewards can be packed into one reward, so long as they follow the pattern of type, data, type, data as shown below:

var reward = quest_reward_create(rewardTypes.SCORE, 200, rewardTypes.ITEM, [item.POTION, 3], rewardTypes.ITEM, [item.TORCH, 1]);

And below is how you would add a created reward to a quest:

quest_add_boolean("Help Joey", "Help little Joey find his lost mouse.", reward, mainQuests.HELP_JOEY, -1, true);

And that’s all there is to it! If you have any questions or concerns please let me know on Twitter: @JaredSchoeny