Kan Rebe!


You wake up on an airplane with no memory of how you got there. Your destination: Butaritari—an island atoll located in Kiribati.

Kan Rebe (kahn reh-beh) is a free-to-play mobile game aiming to raise awareness of the Pacific island nation of Kiribati and help provide support to them.

The game is still in development, so if you want to follow along with the development process, check out the social media links above. Donation links for this and other causes are available below.

What’s Kiribati?

Kiribati (kee-ree-bess) is an island nation located right in the middle of the Pacific, about halfway between Australia and Hawaii. It is home to over 110,000 native I-Kiribati, spread out across 33 island atolls. The main island, Tarawa, is where the majority of the nation’s population resides and is largely known for a WWII battle fought there, the Battle of Tarawa. The island is only 3 meters above sea level at it highest point, thus rising sea levels pose a major threat to the Kiribati people’s well-being. They also currently face challenges with access to fresh water and proper medical treatment. 

Support Kiribati

Elijah L (local artist)

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