My Projects

AI Transcript Grader

A Python script which uses OpenAI's Whisper and GPT-4 APIs to extract transcripts from student video submissions and grade them against a given rubric. The AI is instructed to explain how the student met (or did not meet) the requirement for each rubric item.


An extensible PyQt application that integrates with Docker to provide a user-friendly interface for working with one of the Pokémon decompilation projects. PorySuite handles Docker image and container setup, git repo pulling, data extraction, and parsing C code. Using the UI, users can add features and modify things like species info, graphics, and more.

Beginner Python Visualizer

A PyQt application that helps beginners understand how code works step-by-step in Python. Essentially a 'lightweight' debugger, it provides a visual representation of how variables change values, making it easier to grasp the flow and logic of the program.


  • Python

  • Java

  • C++

  • Qt

  • git

  • GitHub

  • Docker

  • GameMaker

  • Unity

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • React

My Experience

Lead Computer Science TA & Tutor

Brigham Young University–Hawaii

Jan 2022 - Present

  • Led a team of tutors to assign courses for grading and lab hours
  • Helped students understand assignments and course material
  • Hosted a workshop teaching proper debugging skills
  • Graded and provided feedback on assignment submissions

Mobile Game Developer


Feb 2014 - Dec 2021

  • Programmed, developed, and tested 5+ games for iOS and Android
  • Designed pixel art, animations, and user interfaces
  • Edited and published promotional material for social media


BS in Computer Science

Brigham Young University–Hawaii

  • Major in Computer Science
  • Minor in Visual Arts
  • Minor in Entrepreneurship
  • Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society
  • Vice President of the Computer Science Club

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